Huria Saleem

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Huria Saleem is a writer, researcher, and health blogger exploring different health topics with lots of know-how. Their stories mix detailed research with a talent for explaining tricky health stuff. Even though their specific published works aren't public, Huria's many writings show they're really good at breaking down tough health ideas and making them easy to understand. They like to keep things clear, starting interesting talks and inviting readers to learn about lots of health stuff. Huria's storytelling skills and dedication to being right guide readers through health topics, helping everyone understand wellness better.


Content Writing, Researcher, Journalism


  • Bachelor's degree in Public Health from Cornell University Master of Psychology from New York University

Written Articles

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2023-11-27 Last-Mod: 2024-03-08

How to Reduce Belly After Pregnancy Without Exercise

Exercise right. Getting some exercise and eating healthfully will help you get back to your pre-pregnancy weight within a few months. The belly may appear softer, rounder, and sometimes more protruded than before pregnancy.

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2023-12-01 Last-Mod: 2024-03-08

Which Exercise Machine is Best for Losing Belly Fat

Belly fat, also known as visceral fat, isn't just about appearance. It's also linked to various health risks like heart diseases, diabetes, and more. Exercise machines can be a valuable tool in this fight for a number of reasons.

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2023-12-18 Last-Mod: 2024-03-08

The 7 Methods To Measure Body Composition

There are many ways to measure body fat percentage. However, the most accurate measurements aren’t available at home. While it’s natural to want objective feedback on your progress, body weight shouldn’t be your main focus.

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2023-12-31 Last-Mod: 2024-03-08

Top 20 Healthiest Fruits as per Nutritionists

Each fruit brings its own special mix of vitamins, antioxidants, and benefits. From keeping your immune system strong to aiding digestion and supporting heart health, here is the list of top 20 fruits.