TDEE Calculator

TDEE calculator helps you calculate total daily energy expenditure as per age, height, weight and activity level. It also shows BMR, BMI, LBM, FBM, Macros besides tracking the amount of calories you need to burn in a day.

TDEE calculator helps you calculate total daily energy expenditure as per age, height, weight and activity level. It also shows BMR, BMI, LBM, FBM, Macros besides tracking the amount of calories you need to burn in a day.

How to use TDEE Calculator?

Perosnal Information

Enter your personal information like gender, age, weight and height.

Activity Level

Select your daily activity level for accurate TDEE calculation.

Your Goal

Set your target: lose weight, maintain, or gain muscle mass.

Calculate TDEE

Click on the "Calculate" button to get Your TDEE Result

Introduction to TDEE Calculator?

TDEE Calculator is a tool which will provide you an estimate of your total daily energy utilization in resting and physical activities. It will provide an estimation of calories you burn daily according to your activity level.

This is one of the most accurate tdee calculator for all those who are concerned regarding their weight management and fitness tracking. This tool is designed by top health and fitness professionals so it mostly provides authentic and reliable results.

You can simply use this tdee calculator to lose weight or to track the amount of calories you are burning in a day.

What is TDEE?

TDEE stands for Total Daily Energy Expenditure. This is the total number of calories your body burns every day. TDEE includes calories burned from basic body functions, daily activities, and exercise.

Knowing your TDEE helps you understand how many calories you should eat to maintain or lose weight. To calculate TDEE, you need to know your basal metabolic rate, activity level, and exercise habits.

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the or the number of calories your body needs to perform its life-sustaining functions.

You can find whats my tdee by doing some basic math. This requires knowing all the latest formulas and standards to calculate tdee. This helps you managing your diet and reaching fitness goals.

However, it is crucial to remember that you are using latest formulas for calculating tdee. There has been advancement in the formulas so a little error can lead you to incorrect information.

This is where our accurate tdee calculator is so important. It uses all the previous and latest formulas so that you can get instant, accurate and reliable tdee calculations.

Does TDEE remains same all the time?

No, TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) does not remain same all the time. It usually vary on person to person through several factors like:

  • Age (Age of a person keeps changing).
  • Weight (Weight can be maintained but it can increase or decrease).
  • Height (Height keeps increasing in growing age but it stops after a certain time).
  • Gender (TDEE calculations are different for men as compared to women).
  • Job Type (The calculations directly depends on your job nature or physical activity).

and a lot more factors.

How to find TDEE Calculator?

Our tdee and bmr calculator is a few searches away as you can find it easily. You can simply find our tool from Search Engine or directly type its url in Search bar.

Type keywords like "tdee calculator" or "tdee weight loss calculator" on Google, Bing or any other search engine. As our tool ranks higher, you can easily click on it to start calculating your tdee.

You can type the URL address "" in your search bar to directly open. You can bookmark this so that you don't need to type this url again.

Why to use our TDEE Weight Loss Calculator?

There are a lot of online tools and mobile apps which helps you calculate tdee. Some of these tools are free and some are paid.

But the main question is that why would you need to find our "tdee calorie calculator"? The answer is simple that all online tools are either using old formulas or they are not accurate. Even the paid tools & apps are not upto the mark.

Our total energy expenditure calculator uses latest formulas and AI to provide accurate results to the users. You can calculate your tdee and fact check its results from a Fitness specialist before relying.

How to use TDEE Calculator?

  • You have to open our online TDEE calculator. Enter your personal information like age, gender, weight, height.
  • Then select your activity level according to your daily routine which may vary from sedentary lifestyle to Professional Athlete.
  • After that specify your goal whether it is related to Weight maintenance, Weight loss or Weight gain.
  • TDEE Calculator will provide you results according to your health goal.

How does the TDEE Calculator work?

TDEE Calculator will calculate your TDEE based on your Age, Gender, Body Measurements, and physical Activity through different formulas like Herris benedict equation, Mifflin-ST.Jeor equation, Katch- McArdle Formula, Cunningham Formula and oxford equation.

Our TDEE Calculator will provide you BMI, Ideal Body Weight, Body Fat Percentage, daily workout Plan, BMR, RMR, LBW and DPN along with calories.

Factors Affecting TDEE

Many Factors affect the TDEE of each Individual which includes:

1. Gender

TDEE of a man is different from a woman due to High Metabolic rates and Muscle Body Mass.

2. Age:

Age may also influence TDEE calculation because as you get older your metabolism slows down.

3. Lifestyle:

Your daily lifestyle also affects TDEE based on the activities you perform on a daily basis.

4. Body Composition:

According to the body composition ( body fat, muscle mass) TDEE of every individual may vary.

Other factors may include genetics and Medical Conditions of a person also affect TDEE calculation of every person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TDEE the same as the maintenance calories?

Our body needs a specific amount of energy to perform main functions of the body like growth of cells, movement of muscles and energy transformations that are known as maintenance calories.

As we know TDEE is the daily energy expenditure of our body within 24 hours, so yes TDEE and maintenance calories are the same.

What is my TDEE to lose weight?

Your TDEE to lose will be lesser than the calculated TDEE. you just have to abstract 500 calories from TDEE to fulfill your weight loss goal.

How often should I calculate my TDEE ?

You should recalculate your TDEE if there is any change in your body calculations and physical activities. It may vary on a daily basis according to your nature of job.

Is TDEE and BMR the same?

No, TDEE is the total daily energy expenditure of a person. TDEE is the product of BMR and (PA) Physical Activity. While BMR is the total amount of energy the body uses at rest.

Can I use my TDEE for weight gain?

Yes you can TDEE for weight gain by adding additional calories to your total daily energy expenditure.

Does TDEE Calculator provide accurate results?

Yes, TDEE Calculator will provide you accurate results if you provide correct and complete data and completely know about your physical Activity Level.

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