Brene Brown

Contributing Writer

Brené Brown writes about health and feeling good in a way that's easy for everyone to understand. She's really good at explaining big, confusing feelings in simple ways. Brené talks a lot about how being brave and open is important for keeping our minds healthy. Her writing starts important talks about how our feelings can really change our health. She's great at making hard health topics simple to understand. Brené's writing helps people learn more about taking care of their minds and bodies. Her work is not just helpful but also really interesting, and it's liked by many people who want to know more about staying healthy and happy.


Human connection, Health Journalism, Researcher


  • Master of Psychology from New York University Doctor of Philosophy from University of Texas

Written Articles

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2023-11-06 Last-Mod: 2024-03-08

What Happens If You Eat Over 500 Calories on the HCG Diet

The hCG diet is a very low-calorie diet usually a range of 500 to 800 calories per day, that is used in conjunction with supplemental hCG injections as a means to stimulate weight loss.

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2023-12-08 Last-Mod: 2024-03-08

How much lean body mass should I have

On average, men have a greater absolute amount of lean body mass compared to women. Women generally have more body fat than men, even when they weigh the same.

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2024-01-08 Last-Mod: 2024-03-08

Role of Blueberries in Weight Management, What a Dietitian Says!

Blueberries daily for two weeks increases the ability to use/burn fat during moderate-intensity exercise, like cycling. While it accelerates fat burning, it also decreases the use of carbohydrates.